Being And Becoming

There’s no need to be sad, babe
I’m coming home very soon
You made it to track eight
So I’ll be there for you
Cause you’re there for me, too

That chocolate cake you had baked
I gobbled it down very soon
I promise I won’t add weight
No, I’ll be good for you
And that goes for you too!

But now that I’m in bad shape
I’ll fall asleep very soon
It’s not all that late
So I’ll be close to you
If you want me to

Being and becoming
As time keeps on running
Four Seasons are passing
It’s all everlasting
Ticking and spinning
From A To Beginning
Kissing and hugging
Much Ado About Loving
Leaving and coming home
Speaking of Houses And Homes



Gregor McEwan - vocals & acoustic guitar


>> close <<