On Her Radar

She’s a saint and I’m a sinner
She’s so sweet and I am bitter
She’s an expert, I’m a beginner
She’s an artist, I’m just a singer

But I am on her radar
And I wanna stay there
Feels just like she’s by my side
The fancy food I’ve made her
To share it with you later
Was made to keep me satisfied
There’s more me in me than there should be
There’s more me in you than I can get through

She makes cash and I reduce it
She’s so clever and I’m clueless
She makes love, I make excuses
She’s so smart and I am foolish

Let’s build bridges so that we
Can make it to the island
And leave this soul asylum
The birds, the trees, the wind, the sea
And stars as clear as diamonds
But it’s me who breaks the silence



Ruby Hartbrich - cello & vocals
Kati von Schwerin - vocals
Hanspeter Stamm - trumpet
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar & mellotron


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