Gregor McEwan - From A To Beginning

a press release by Linus Volkmann

Even though he's one of Germany’s most gifted singer/songwriters he goes well beyond the boundaries of the genre. Gregor McEwan is more like his own cinemascope version of a musician than just another guy with an acoustic guitar and his third album keeps everything his earlier works have promised. This one will put honey on your wounds.

Everyone loves to remember the carefree days on Alderaan. Spending your days on a peaceful planet when the sky suddenly darkens, then the Empire strikes first and suddenly you are sitting on a pile of space garbage drifting aimlessly through space. F*ck you, Death Star!

For the duration of the song "Alderaan" Gregor McEwan brings Princess Leia Organa's home planet back to life - but even without being at home in the "Star Wars" franchise you can relate to the longing conjured up. On "From A To Beginning" the hairy Berliner-by-choice repeatedly speaks about how being objected to time and constant change feels. Good as evil alike turn to dust - and how in hell do you deal with it?

Despite all his brilliance in D♭-minor Gregor McEwan is not only a chronologist of melancholia but also a hopeless romantic.

The song "On Her Radar" manages to translate the topic of love into a modern- day song without a trace of kitsch. And although you have seen or even felt a hundred times how even the biggest of loves can be corroded by this godforsaken passing of time - it doesn’t mean that “You And I“ can’t make it this time. A single kiss against this transient life.

Gregor McEwan has had his share of trouble, after his second record the talented one-man army with the squad of musical friends had to take some time off his service. The eternal loop of creative self-exploitation did not lead him anywhere. The 35-year old discarded new songs and lyrics and was forced to take a break - for more than just a pit stop or a night at a roadside motel.

In the following hiatus Gregor McEwan found the puzzle pieces that were missing and the songs on "From A To Beginning" show his personal mastery. The attention to detail and the time invested are audible throughout the record. The panorama of sounds and ideas has always been his strong suit - but it’s incredible to hear what kind of impact it has when you give it the room to breathe.

Gregor McEwan is not your regular barstool musician who locks himself in the studio and allows his songs one or two string sections. No, different approaches, influences and instruments join forces here, Emo from The Get Up Kids or The Promise Ring meets traditional songwriting; Folk, Dance and movie soundtracks/scores meet Country. Every track gets its own instrumentation but all these details are never an end in itself but always a means to an end: They serve the song.

On this quirky yet trenchant planet by the name of McEwan you want to let time wash over you. Everything’s Not Lost on this planet, music sometimes sounds as if Evan Dando had released another bittersweet masterpiece such as "Come on Feel the Lemondheads". Here it is warm, intimate and comforting, often even funny and loud. The Empire won’t find you here anytime soon.