Gregor McEwan - The End. Single (RD: 02/12/2022)

Press Shot

a press release by Linus Volkmann

Sorry, but I've never had more than a mixture of scorn and pity to spare for all those who get supposedly profoung song lyrics tattooed on their scapula or forearm. Kitsch like »We are all art / scarred for life«... Oh wow, wanna puke! But for this one line from The End. by Gregor McEwan, even I would do it! For this gentle but brave song that outcalls all the present clowns. The song is about church dudes, climate change deniers, lobbyists, conspiracy theorists and more. Highly emotional and casually performed by one of the last great singer-songwriters before the apocalypse. Oh well, I wanted to point out this highly tattooable line that gets right under your skin anyway. It goes: »I'm on a mission cause no algorithm can write me a sad sad sad song«. Okay, lighter out and I'll heat up the pen. In the meantime, you can fire up the song.