Gregor McEwan - My Little Girl Single (RD: 07/04/2023)

Press Shot

a press release by Linus Volkmann

On his new songs Gregor McEwan sounds as if he is almost sitting on your lap - in a good way. Cause where many singer/songwriters and their guitars are aesthetically surrounded by a certain touch of boomer patina, the still-Berliner- by-choice and soon-to-be-East-Frisian-by-choice has succeeded in dressing his intimate pieces in a very contemporary garment of sound. "My Little Girl" also has an incredible warm effect right away, touching the listener directly. Thrilling steel-string naturalism, currently pushed by FINNEAS, for example, who produces the records of his little sister Billie Eilish in a similar way. "My Little Girl" also catches otherwise, lyrically reminiscent of one of Gregor McEwan's most emphatic crowd-pleasers "On Her Radar". With his unique voice he now romanticises the precariat. It may not be a socio-critical text, but with this in mind, the author tells a big love story, "no certainties, no stable income, too small to succeed, too big to be gone". All the insignia of a successful adult life seem to be missing, the Free Democratic Party is about to cry, but the emotions shine bright. This is an unforgettable melody of longing, this is minnesong 3000! The scope of this double single also includes the Gregor McEwan version of the classic "(They Long To Be) Close To You". This spring marks the 40th anniversary of the tragic death of Karen Carpenter - and the composer of this bittersweet evergreen Burt Bacharach also passed away. Rest in peace. This cover here honours both of them in its very own and very special way.