Gregor McEwan - Summer Breeze EP (RD: 30/07/21)

Press Shot

a press release by Bernd Begemann


"Where’s Wally?"

"No, Vivaldi, the classical composer.
His biggest hit was 'The Four Seasons'. Kids are dragged into these concerts and afterwards questioned by a well-meaning music teacher: 'DID YOU HEAR THE THUNDER? VIVALDI MADE THAT WITH KETTLE DRUMS!'"

"Ermm, classical music? Count me out. I know I recently pretended to be into it, but to be honest, I’m not."

"But do you like feel-good pop music with a bit of tragedy waiting in the wings? Kinda Jack Johnson meets The Cure by the lake?"

"I can’t really picture it."

"My bad, it was a bad way of explaining it. Gregor McEwan is relasing four EPs and each EP contains four songs about all four seasons. Spring and fall have already come and gone. Now it’s time for SUMMER, baby! The best season of all with everything in full bloom... You are pumping the brandnew 'Summer Breeze EP', you are moving to the beat and you are at the beach RIGHT NOW!"

"Sounds fair."

"It is! So listen now for a head start when you go to your next beach party!"

"Okay, it’s all right, relax."